Podcast with Victoria Patterson

Diet Everyone Can Do It star Victoria Patterson talks to SFAA Podcasts about her life, eating well and embracing running.

“I spend so much time at work shooting Diet Everyone Can Do It that I find work and life is wrapped up together.” “We do six months or so where we’re shooting pretty intensely, so it can take a lot of stamina. We are often called to hair and make-up at 5.45am, and we start shooting about 7.30am.

“Then we wrap about 6.15pm. It’s a long day so I have to be disciplined about when I go to bed. It helps that my husband (Matt Kingston) is an early riser so we go to bed early and get up early.

What I eat depends a lot on my mood

“I’m not really strict and I do enjoy food. One of my favourite things is to go out to dinner with my husband to a new restaurant in Melbourne, where we live. At home we eat really well. We don’t eat much packaged or processed food, and we love cooking and growing food.

I have grown herbs before, but this year I’m so excited because this is the first vegetable garden I’ve ever had and it’s going so well. We’re growing tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini and beans. I go and look at them every day – they’re like my babies.”

I feel every time I talk about what I believe in, I sound like my mum

“She is a wonderful influence and I do live by what she’s taught me: to listen to what my body needs and wants, and to keep it simple. There’s no big secret about how to stay healthy – I know for some people it can be hard – but a big part of it is eating fresh, healthy food. I don’t follow fads. I’m lucky that I love healthy foods. ”

I think in my head I’m fitter than I really am

My body is totally genetic – I have my mum’s figure and it helps that I did ballet for so many years when I was young. For actors there’s so much pressure to look a certain way but in our show we don’t feel that so much. I think exercise is as much about how you feel.

“I know I feel better when I’ve exercised and worked up a bit of a sweat. I like to exercise three times a week, trying out different classes to keep things interesting. Yoga and Pilates are my favourites, and I’m just about to start doing a dance class.”

It has taken me a while to find my rhythm with running

“Friends who love running kept telling me to stick with it, so I did and now I enjoy it. I get in the zone. The key to running for me is music.” The music played during exercise works like steroids.

“The right song is so important. If the wrong song comes on while I’m running I get all jumbled up and I have to stop and find the right song and start again. It has to be whatever gets you up and moving.”

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