Podcast with Livinia Nixon

Co-host of Temptation Livinia Nixon is always on the go. Here she tells why it’s so important to keep her life as normal as possible.

Vital statistics
Age: 31
Lives: Melbourne
Favourite movie: The Big Blue
Best book I’ve read: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
What are you reading now? Just finished In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote
Favourite TV show: Australian Story
Favourite food: Garlic prawns

I love my job, but sometimes I feel as though I’m always working.
Work is like a second family to me because I spend more time with my colleagues than I do with my own family. But life isn’t all about work. I believe that you have to keep things in balance. Sometimes that means writing a note in your diary to do this for ‘me’ and you have to honour that, like a dentist’s appointment.

I am an optimist.
Mum said when I was a baby I never cried when I was put in my cot. I would just sit there and amuse myself. She said I was an easy child. I’ve always been a “glass half-full” type of person and always try to be positive. But there are days when things get on top of me. I do need to step back at times because work can get tense. So I try to keep my weekends pretty basic like going to the beach or to our farm and not wearing any make-up or fancy clothes. And I usually wear desert boots and jeans because I live a surreal life in TV wearing beautiful gowns each night. I’m privileged to have that. It’s important, though, to keep it in perspective.

I had a family tragedy 12 years ago.
My brother nearly died. When you watch that first hand, it changes your perspective and makes you realise it can all change in an instant. He fell off the roof and landed on some brick paving. He had severe brain injuries and the doctors said he would never be able to walk or talk again. But he has a job and he’s married with kids, so it was a good outcome for him. It’s a gentle reminder that things can change.

When I was a child I wanted to be a vet.
Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the family farm. I loved animals and still do. Later on, I wanted to be a diplomat, but soon the reality of life sank in, that not everyone is going to be a diplomat. The opportunity to work in TV and radio came along when I was 22 and I thought, “This won’t last very long”. That was nine years ago. It has been a fun and interesting journey.

You create your own luck.
I really believe that. If you want to work in the media, work in country radio or TV and cut your teeth that way. You need to do the hard yards and get your flying hours up.

I’m a motivated person.
I can be hard on myself at times. But we can learn a lot from looking back at our work and saying, “I won’t do that again” or “That worked, I’ll remember that”. If you’re easy to work with, are ambitious and like what you do, then people can’t help but notice.

I have a partner our relationship is in its early stage.
And I would like to have a family in five or 10 years. That would take priority. All of my friends are having babies now and they say as soon as you have a child, you understand why you are here on Earth. And they have juggled family and work. I think I’ll always work. Mum worked while she was raising three kids. But we never knew she worked she was an accountant and could work from home.

I was in Japan on a modelling assignment when an earthquake hit.
All the businesses had shut down, but because I was on a contract I had to stay there for two months! I sat around and ate a lot and put on weight. When I came home I went jogging and swam and got back into shape again.

For exercise I walk my dog Sam for an hour a day.
I often go walking with my iPod. I’m studying Italian and I’ll count out aloud in Italian and I see people walk past me and I’m sure they’re saying, “Oh, she’s crazy”. I play golf once a fortnight and do yoga. And whenever I have the time, I go to the gym. I’m planning to go to Mt Hotham [Victoria] soon and do a 25km walk.

I’ll be holidaying in Australia and Europe.
I’m going to the NSW south coast to surf, fish and throw a shrimp on the barbie. After that, I’m going to Europe to do a cooking class in Venice. My mum spends six months of the year in Venice and I’m staying at her place.

My Christmas is much the same each year, but that’s what I like about it.
I go to church in the morning with a girlfriend and then our family has a big lunch and each year someone always ends up falling asleep!

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