Interview with Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues

“Every day I have to make the decision to stay positive and strong, and some days are easier than others.”

Lyndsey RodriguesLyndsey Rodrigues made headlines this year when she bravely revealed her struggle with depression as a way of reassuring others with the illness that they are not alone. Here, the 28-year-old television presenter opens up to Bonnie Cleaver about her daily decision to stay positive, the work and charity projects that are keeping her busy and where she sees herself in the future.

I enjoy being constantly on the go, which is what I love about my job. I’ve been doing a variety of work, including modelling, emceeing, a stint presenting the weather on the Nine Network and being a part of 20 to 1. As an entertainment junkie, I’m in my element doing 20 to 1 because it’s a chance to talk about what I know best: rock stars and movies.

I’ve been doing ambassadorial work for breast cancer through Pink Hope. It’s run by a good friend of mine who has had breast cancer in four generations of her family. We’re hoping not just to raise funds, but awareness as well.

Breast cancer is something every woman needs to be aware of because it can strike at any time, and early detection is often the best cure. I’m also an ambassador for the RSPCA. It costs millions to run all the animal shelters across Australia, so they really rely on people’s generosity.

Depression is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I came forward with my story because I wanted people to know it can happen to anyone at any time. I want to work with BeyondBlue to break down the stigmas around depression.

So many people think, “snap out of it, you’re just having a bad day”. But I want them to know it’s not just a bad day it’s a series of bad days and if we could just snap out of it, we would. No-one wants to feel sad or alone.

Every day I have to make the decision to stay positive and strong, and some days are easier than others. I’m lucky to have a wonderful psychologist, fantastic parents and friends, and my support network makes all the difference to me.

Depression has taught me that I can be very strong and I’m not the type to give up or let it take over my life. I’m trying to do my thing and not let it beat me.

I’m lucky that I’ve never had pressure put on me to lose or gain weight. Any pressure I’ve ever experienced has come from myself. I can be critical of myself. There are days when I look in the mirror and have bags under my eyes and messy hair. But at same time I realise this is how I look. Some days I’m going to look good and others not so good.

I don’t have a set exercise routine. In this industry there are times when you have all the time in the world to go for a walk with a friend, and others when you’re lucky to have a moment to pay the bills. I do enjoy Pilates when I get the chance. Not only is it relaxing but it takes me back to the days when I was a little ballerina in a leotard with my hair pinned into a bun.

I try to make healthy choices with food. If I had to name an unhealthy vice it would be the occasional can of Coca-Cola. I love to cook at home, especially Moroccan and Thai cuisine, because that way I know exactly what I’m putting into my body. I have recently invested in a set of Scanpan cookware which is worth every cent, so I have been enjoying entertaining.

I take flaxseed tablets every day, which are good for digestion and circulation. I also take silica for hair, nails and connective tissue. You’ll also always find green tea, chamomile and peppermint tea in my pantry. Green tea is a fantastic pick-me-up, chamomile is relaxing and peppermint is great for an upset stomach or to refresh.

I get a manicure and pedicure every fortnight. I also take good care of my skin and have a few rules, such as never going to bed with make-up on, wearing sunscreen and cleansing twice a day. Because my work involves so much make-up, when I’m off-duty, I keep it simple with mascara and a bit of YSL Touche clat Radiant Touch to conceal under-eye circles.

In my spare time, I love to catch up with friends over a glass of wine. One of my favourite things to do is sit in bed reading it’s so luxurious. I have a stack of books to get through, and people keep giving me more.

In the next five years, I see myself still working in this industry and building on that. I started out as an actor, fell into presenting and loved it, but acting is something I’m still passionate about, so I’d love to do a film or television series it’s just a matter of fitting it all in.

In the next few years, I’d also like to be married and have at least one baby if not two. I still want to have all of my beautiful friends around me. I’ve been friends with the same people since I was 12 years old and don’t want that to ever change.

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