Podcast with Johanna Griggs – Don’t Take Your Health for Granted

TV host Johanna Griggs tells how she stays healthy.

What does being healthy mean to you?

My husband Todd (Huggins) and I are really health conscious. A few years ago a mate of Todd’s passed away. At the time we thought, ‘we’re not old enough for that to happen,’ to have friends our age dying. Now we have annual health checks. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be on top of that don’t take your health for granted.

Is exercise important for you?

Yes. We’ve always looked after our diet and got enough sleep, but we realised we needed to exercise more. So Todd and I work with a personal trainer three times a week. I have also learned to be a runner, and I never thought I’d say that, having been a swimmer. I happily switch on the TV and get on the treadmill.

What’s a normal day of eating for you?

I get up and exercise first, but the second I have finished I tend to eat. I don’t know how people skip breakfast I will often have a leftover meal or gluten-free muesli, yoghurt and fruit. I don’t have gluten intolerance but I often order gluten-free when I’m on the road because otherwise I end up eating the wrong stuff. For lunch I usually have meat and salad. I love cooking and I’m lucky that I work with the best chefs so I can watch and learn.

Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?

I breed Angus cattle, and I love knitting and jigsaw puzzles!

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