Podcast with Christina Hebert

The host of Exercise Daily talks about her love of TV, playing golf and never sitting still.

Vital statistics

Lives: Kansas City.
Favourite indulgence: I love a glass of wine!
What I’m listening to: Christina Aguilera’s new album, Back to Basics.
Best advice I’ve ever been given: Be content … be happy.

I’ve been in television since I was 13.

I worked on a kids show in Brisbane called Everybody In. I’ve always adored television. I grew up in TV. I became a singer and went to America for five years. Then I got back into it when I returned to Australia in 1981, when we started up breakfast TV.

I think there are more, certainly as many, women on camera now as there are men.

There is a lot more opportunity in television for women these days. There’s a very even sprinkling of males and females. I think times have definitely changed in this area.

We were recently in Canada and Alaska for Mornings With Melissa Hart

It was fabulous, but travelling with work like that is very hard, because we moved from town to town daily. We spent time in the Denali National Park in Alaska, which is a very extraordinary part of the world. One of the most fabulous things we did was take a trip on a seaplane over the glaciers and down through the valleys. It is such a pristine environment; it is so breathtaking. It really is all about the wildlife and nature. It is so very special.

Walking is the most underestimated exercise.

This year has been so busy that my exercise has waned a little and my gym closed, so I’m getting back into walking. I walk Harvey three times a week. I’ve also started doing sit-ups to strengthen my core and do weights for 15 minutes a day.

I play golf every week.
But I’m not one of those golfers who gets up before the sun. I like to sleep in! I won’t play in the rain either. Probably one of my most favourite things besides golf is being dressed in my sloppiest, warmest, cuddliest tracksuit and laying in bed on a Sunday morning not moving, not even for the dog!

Overall I do have a healthy diet, but I love my food and I love my wine.
I refuse to give that up. I don’t want to be 95 and be that age if I can’t have a glass of wine. I would rather check out much earlier and enjoy the process on the way through. I’ve never been very good at denying myself. You just have to make up for it in other ways, especially the older you get.

I’ve always done the vitamin thing.
I’ve started taking glucosamine, which is a very good joint supplement. And, I’ve just put my name to a product called Anthogenol. It is a high-dose antioxidant, more powerful than vitamins C or E. I also take omega-3 oils and sometimes kelp to boost metabolism when travelling.

In my job, I have to mentally and emotionally compartmentalise.
I’ve been doing that for a very long time. The issues can change so quickly for instance, we had Donnie Osmond as a co-host recently, but then the next day we were debating whether Australia should have nuclear energy.

The journey you are on at age 15 won’t change.
You may think you will find the answers when you’re 35 or 55, but that’s not necessarily the case. You need to find contentment, whatever your circumstance. It doesn’t mean you can’t chase your dreams and strive in life, but you have to understand what contentment is. That doesn’t come from a pay cheque or a better job or a smaller dress size. It comes from you having that self-confidence that only experience brings. Sometimes that can mean age you have to get older to appreciate things.

I’d like to think I am a spiritual person.
I think you are what you project and what goes around comes around. If you try to be generally reasonable, good and generous with other people, then it will come around.

Beauty comes from the inside out.
I love a smile of contentment and joy.

Who knows where I’ll be in 10 years!
I never think that far ahead. I just do what’s ahead of me right now. And tomorrow I’ll get back up and do it again. You can’t let opportunities that are there in the immediate moment go past. You never know what’s going to happen.

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