Coming of Age in the Corporate Context: Exploring the Non-Linear Transition from Student to Practitioner and Back Again

group shot 2The process of taking anthropology from the safety of the classroom into the chaos of the corporate office can be awkward, intimidating, and yet highly rewarding. It involves observing new rituals, learning new languages, and embracing cultural norms in “exotic” industry environments. This session presents a cumulative breadth of experiences from undergraduate studies through graduate theses and first jobs, to a return to academia after a career in industry. These lessons learned provide valuable insights for those considering a career path in business and design anthropology.


PAHL, Shane (UNT) So You’re Interested in Business Anthropology, Now What?

Presentation Slides

RAMER, S. Angela (UNT) Design Research for Designer Clients: A Study of an Architecture Firm’s Own Workspace

Presentation Slides

SANTEE, Amy (Empirical Rsch & Design) What Are You Doing Here?: Making the Academy-to-Business Transition as a Practicing Anthropologist

Presentation Slides

TAYLOR, E. Gigi (TX State U) On Becoming an Anthropologist: The Transition from a Practicing Qualitative Researcher (“the Other”) to an Academically Trained Anthropologist (“Us”)

Presentation Slides


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