The Gap Between Knowledge, Policy, and Practice Concerning Disaster, Part II of II


The Gap Between Part 2

This is the second part of a double session.  Part I can be found here.

CHAIR: HOFFMAN, Susanna (Hoffman Consulting)

BROWNE, Katherine E. (CSU) Wounded Culture/Rescue Culture: Struggles for Recognition and Recovery after Katrina

SCHULLER, Mark (NIU, U d’Etat d’Haiti) “Haitians Need To Be Patient”: Notes on Policy Advocacy in Washington following Haiti’s Earthquake

CASAGRANDE, David (Lehigh U), MCILVAINE-NEWSAD, Heather (WIU), and PINTER, Nicholas (SIU) Wet and Wild: Gaps between Policy and Socio-ecological Reality in Mississippi River Flood Mitigation

BECKER, Per (Lund U) Forgetting Anticipation: The Double Gap between Knowledge, Policy, and Practice in Botswana and Tanzania


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Session took place in Denver, CO at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in March 2013.

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