Flashback Friday #5: Using Culture to Understand Behavior in Organizations from 2011

Please note:  This is a podcast from a past meeting that is being re-posted as part of our new “Flashback Friday” program.  We hope you  will enjoy this and the many other podcasts from our library which can be found on the Short Cut To Podcasts page.  

CHAIR: NOLAN, Riall W. (Purdue U)

NOLAN, Riall W. (Purdue U) Organizational Thinking and Organizational Change: Why It’s Hard to Speak Truth to Power

HANCHETT, Suzanne (Planning Alternatives for Change) Looking Back: A Long-term View of Some Development Projects

GIULIETTI, Michael  mmg0102@unt.edu (U N Texas) Old Ideas for a New World: Shoe Repair as a Professional Culture Download PaperDownload PowerPoint; Website: http://community.sfaa.net/profile/MichaelGiulietti; Phone: 940-435-9298

Michael Giulietti, a student of Anthropology at the University of North Texas is a student of the four-field approach and has completed fieldwork in both Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology.  After receiving funding from the McNair Scholars Program in 2009, he embarked on the first ever academic inquiry into the professional culture of shoe repair.  Michael has presented material at the 2011 Society for Applied Anthropology meeting and numerous other venues.  Future plans for the research include adding to the academic literature on the anthropology of consumption or applying new perspectives to cultural materialism.  Exiting UNT in 2011 and matriculating into Oregon State University’s Masters of Applied Anthropology Program, Michael hopes to apply future work with craftsmen to assist businesses adapting to changing consumer economies.

ROTHSTEIN, Rosalynn (U Oregon) Narrative Forms at a 911 Call Center: Constructing Workplace Identity

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Session took place in Seattle, WA at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in March-April 2011.

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