Health Disparities and Social Justice in Guatemala: Medical Anthropology in the NAPA-OT Field School

Download NAPA-OT Guatemala Field School 2011 Flyer

CHAIR: ROSEN, Danielle (Columbia U)

ROSEN, Danielle (Columbia U) Chronic Undernutrition in Guatemala’s Children: Why Nutritional Interventions Come Up Thin Download PowerPoint

SHETLER, Anya (Boston U) A Complicated Delivery: How Prenatal Care in Guatemala Illustrates Disparities in Utilization of Health Services

Anya Shetler is currently pursuing her BA in Anthropology at Boston University. She is interested in medical anthropology and the ways that social science can contribute to public health programs. After visiting Honduras when she was 14 she fell in love with Spanish language, Latin dancing, and Central America, which recently led her to being a lucky participant in the NAPA-OT Field School in Antigua, Guatemala. Anya is passionate about traveling and intends to pursue her MPH with an international focus.

GUREVITCH, Jacqueline (U Chicago) Ethnicity and Mental Health in Guatemala: A Comparative Study of Perceptions and Causes of Mental Illness Download PowerPoint
Interests in Anthropology: mental health, medical technologies, Internet anthropology

DEPRIMO, Adam (Senior, completing BA in Anthropology, U S FL-St. Petersburg) Perceptions of Disability: Understanding Occupation and Ability in Antigua and Rural Highland Guatemala Download PowerPoint


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Session took place in Seattle, WA at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in March-April 2011.

One thought on “Health Disparities and Social Justice in Guatemala: Medical Anthropology in the NAPA-OT Field School

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