About Podcasts & Blogs


This is the information posted on our “About Podcasts & Blogs” information page:

One of the things that I have tried to keep in mind throughout this whole project is that the term “podcast” might not be familiar to everyone and that most people will not know what “RSS” is or about the readers that serve as a home for the RSS feeds. In an effort to make this website accessible to everyone, I’ve set up this page and set up easy ways to subscribe to this site’s RSS feed (via RSS and email notifications) so you, the reader, can enjoy free automatic updates without having to check the site daily.

These are all confusing terms and are not the easiest of technologies to wrap your head around. BUT, there are a few short videos that makes these concepts much more understandable!

Common Craft has created a few fantastic, entertaining, educational, and short videos that explain:

  • what podcasting is, how it works, and why you should listen to podcasts. Watch the video here.
  • I realize that a “podcast” might not be a widely known or understood technology, so I’d like to invite you to read about it here. All of the recordings from the conference will be released as audio files that can be played with any mp3 player, e.g. iPod, Quicktime, Win Amp, etc.
  • what RSS feeds are, how they work, and why you should use them. Watch the video here.
  • what a blog is, how it works, and why you should read them. Watch the video here.
    • Want to know more about what is happening in the field of anthropology year-round? Why don’t you check out some anthropology blogs. To read more about what a blog is click here.

(And feel free to email questions– I’m lucky enough to have a computer geek as a husband, and he has taught me all about this stuff- I remember what it’s like to learn about all of these confusing terms, etc and I promise I will not think ANY questions are “dumb”.)

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