Different Fields, Common Challenge: Lessons For and From Military Anthropology


Anthropologists’ work on, for and with the military has received much attention recently. The resulting debates have helped identify various important questions regarding opportunities, dangers and ethical challenges in such engagements. However, many of these apply not only to work with the military, but also to anthropologists engaged in development, health care, business and other professions. Applying, practicing and advocating place anthropologists in complex relationships with employers, clients and research subjects. This roundtable brings together experienced practicing anthropologists to reflect on how the current focus on anthropological engagement with the military can inform a robust disciplinary discussion of common issues. kbfosher@gmail.com (TH-33)

CHAIRS: FOSHER, Kerry (MCIA, Syracuse U) and SELMESKI, Brian (Air U)

PANELISTS: BABA, Marietta (Mich State U), NOLAN, Riall W. (Purdue U), RUBINSTEIN, Robert A. (Syracuse U), and TURNLEY, Jessica Glicken (Galisteo Consulting Group Inc)

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Session took place in Santa Fe, NM at the 69th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in March 2009.

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